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Purpose Path Markers

Last month I received an email to which I had a deeply instructive reaction. I gasped audibly, began crying, and then I felt compelled to leap out of my seat to light a candle and kneel at one of my altars to say a prayer of gratitude. The email was a tangible confirmation that I made the right decision by answering the call and beginning the assignment that I know is necessary for my work in the world.


This made me realize that when work is aligned with our purpose and passion, it will let us know loudly and clearly. In a way it reminds me of a coping and self-preservation strategy that I introduced during the pandemic. It was named, Identify Your Indicators.


I encouraged people to pay attention to their bodies and things in their environment that alerted them that it was time to pause or slow down and pay attention to themselves. For instance, there are times when I've started my day, I'm out and about doing a speaking engagement or facilitating a training, and I look down and notice that my skin is extremely dry. This is an indicator that I was rushing and didn't set aside enough time to have a nourishing and restorative moment for myself in the morning by moisturizing my skin.


The feeling that came over me when I read that email was a different kind of alert or indicator. It was a clear confirmation that I was on my purpose driven path and that this was an aligned opportunity that I was extremely passionate about. It is a positive reframe of the Identify Your Indicators concept. So I'll call this strategy, Purpose Path Markers.


Pay attention to how you feel when you are presented with an idea, decision, or opportunity. Does it excite and evoke deep and meaningful emotions in you? Or does it irritate you and make you feel like you are faced with placing yet another task or request on an already overflowing list? If you feel the former, it may be a Purpose Path Marker for you. It is confirmation that you are on the route that moves your mission forward, leading you towards your vision for what you want to see in the world.


When you reflect on the most recent opportunity that was presented to you, how did it make you feel?


What are you passionate about? How much of your daily time, energy, and talent are you spending on what you are most passionate about?


What are the Purpose Path Markers that have been showing up in your life lately?

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