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Put That Bag Down

I love a big purse.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t last very long because I have a habit of stuffing them beyond capacity. I fill them with everything that I believe I will need for my comfort, safety and security. Books, my journal, planner, laptop, bottled water, snacks and an extra pair of comfortable shoes are but of few of the many items that make the cut.

When traveling or going to a meeting where I feel I’ll need more things, I stuff a backpack just the same. As a result, the straps, handles and zippers on my bags often break from the excess burden of the weight. Imagine the usefulness or discomfort of anything without those necessary functions. How can you steer a bike without handles? What would it be like to wear pants, a skirt, or a jacket in the cold with a broken zipper? I liken this to some of the things we carry on a daily basis that weigh us down. Nonessentials such as guilt, shame, fear, embarrassment, expectation of others, and perceived limitations of ourselves. As we move through life, these things get so heavy, that like the bike without handles, our ability to steer is diminished, and like the garments with broken zippers, we find ourselves exposed in unpleasant ways. What’s in your bag? This week I challenge you to clean out your figurative bags that are filled with things that no longer serve you. Unpack the items that are weighing you down. Give yourself space. When you have completed this task, the lighter load will allow you to align your spine and stand straighter, walk taller, and ultimately leap into a life that you love.

Manifestation Affirmations I am in alignment. I am liberated. I only carry that which serves my greater good. 

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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