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Quiet Starting

I’ve heard the term ‘quiet quitting’ a lot lately. This occurs when employees don’t outright quit their jobs, but they do abandon the idea of going above and beyond. It is a departure from the hustle and grind mentality that was popular before the pandemic. I took this concept and switched it up a bit. I focused on things that I had been curious about trying, but didn’t want the pressure of feeling like I had to go as hard as what we see celebrated culturally. I’ve quietly started running and I surprised myself when I realized how much I actually enjoy it. Normally, l would make a big public announcement or declaration like we often see people do on social media about this new goal or habit that we want to master. This time I decided to begin slowly, secretly, and simply, just for me. Here are a few strategies to support you as you quietly start something new that sparks joy for you. Intrinsic Accountability. Sometimes we make big announcements about things we want to accomplish because we want to be held accountable. We feel that if we share it publicly, then we will be forced to complete the commitment, so we won’t let others down. What sometimes happens instead is that something we once enjoyed turns into a chore and we begin to feel obligation instead of inspiration. If we shift to intrinsic accountability, that puts the focus on doing something just because it feels good, and not for any external reward or punishment. What is something that the idea of trying excites you that you might hold yourself intrinsically accountable for? Pleasure Principle. Before doing my research for this piece I was totally about to attribute this concept to Janet Jackson. I learned that it is a Freudian theory that is all about seeking immediate gratification to quell some of our most basic and primitive urges. In this case, I’ve used running as a more healing centered way to address feelings of anger, anxiety, or tension. Where have you been punishing yourself that you could shift to the pleasure principle instead? Center Celebration. When we put a goal out into the world, and then we don’t accomplish it, lose interest, or we simply change our minds, we may experience feelings of guilt and shame for giving up. Quietly starting evokes the opposite emotions of childlike innocence and the pride of participating in an activity simply for the sake of the sheer joy of it. In this way we can celebrate ourselves for doing something that lights us up in the moment without attaching any unnecessarily stressful outcomes or expectations. What stressful outcomes and expectations will you release to make space for joy and celebration? This week I challenge you to quietly start something you’ve always wanted to try to spark unfettered joy in your life. Manifestation Affirmations I am engaging in activities that inspire me intrinsically. I am prioritizing pleasure as a method of healing. I am releasing my attachments to outcomes and expectations to make space for joy and celebration

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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