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Release and Replace

Just over two years ago I went to Bali, Indonesia for a week-long healing retreat. We were immersed in powerful practices such as meditation, yoga and art, as well as delighted with healthy plant-based meals. None of the substances that I might usually use to cope such as sugar, coffee, or alcohol were a part of the plan, and I didn’t miss them because what was provided addressed the needs that those habits usually met.

Albeit not in Bali, I created a similar experience right at home last week. I participated in a 7-Day Detox. The plant-based products, herbal supplements, teas and meal plan gave me a clear structure and roadmap. I didn’t feel restricted or deprived. The biggest benefits were renewed energy, weight loss, and how good I felt about myself for committing to it and completing it. What I found most fascinating was that all of these things that came from the earth made me forget all about my taste for sweets, caffeine and wine.

This made me think of an activity that I do with the clients in my coaching community. We identify the things that we want to release, then think about what healthy things, people, or practices we want to replace them with. This is what helped me to be successful during my detox. Not only did I release things, but I had even more fulfilling things to replace them with to support my forward movement.

Here is a process to support you as you identify what to release, and what you will replace those things with.

  1. Internal Investigation. Think about what comes up for you when you look in the mirror. Perhaps you might take it a step further and look in an actual full-length mirror. As you do this, take note of how you judge yourself. What is that ever-critical inner voice saying? Is it evaluating your physical features saying things like this is too big, that is too small, or this does not fit society's standard of beauty? Perhaps looking in the mirror brings up some internal accusations. Listen to your emotions in this moment. This will help you to identify the judgment of self that affects you the most. (Inspired by The Mastery of Self by Don Miguel Ruiz, JR.)

  2. Write Away. Once you’ve identified that most pressing internal or external judgment, write it on a piece of scrap paper. If a judgment of self didn’t resonate with you, think of habits, past traumas, or other limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Transfer the years of energy and attention you’ve given to whatever you’ve identified from your body to the paper by balling it up, tearing it up, or burning it in a safe place like a fire pit, fireplace, or fire-safe container. (Watch this video for a deeper exploration of this.)

  3. Replace What Was Released. Now think of a healthy practice that will replace what you have released. This might be writing an affirmation that focuses on what you want as if it already belongs to you or writing a note of gratitude to yourself or others who promote or support the new behavior you want to adopt.

This week I challenge you to forgive yourself for whatever you’ve been doing or saying to yourself that may have caused you harm. Our current state is a reflection of what we are committed to, whether it’s something we want or not. Release your obligations to that which no longer serves you and replace them with your commitment to the practices, people, and lifestyle that you truly desire. Manifestation Affirmations I am committed to a healthy lifestyle. I am releasing that which no longer serves me. I accept myself as I am while working toward who I am becoming.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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