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Release Expectation to Find Freedom

“You want to change your life fast? Then trade your expectation for appreciation; you’ll have a whole new life.” – Tony Robbins

This time last year I was on a flight to Belize. I was headed to visit my father, and I was crying my eyes out while watching the moving Coco on the plane. This movie hit home because it was a story about a father and daughter who had been separated, and the importance of never forgetting one’s family. It was the perfect message for the new relationship that I was embarking upon with my father.

Thirty-nine years into my relationship with my father, and three years into my relationship with my boyfriend, I finally realized that any change I longed to see was completely up to me. I had been holding them to the expectations that society and the media had set for who a father or a significant other was supposed to be. Like superheroes, they were clearly created to protect, serve and save me. Naturally, I felt sadness and anger when they showed up as human beings instead.

The longer I held them to these unrealistic standards, the more my resentment grew. If I wanted to truly have a life that I loved, I simply couldn’t live this way anymore. I decided to take responsibility for my thoughts, actions and beliefs…all things that were within my control.

I released expectation and replaced it with appreciation.

When I lifted this heavy burden, the quality of two of the most important relationships in my life increased exponentially. I accepted them for who they were, instead of punishing them, and ultimately myself, for who they were not.

Releasing expectation seems unreasonable, but if you had to choose between the two, would you rather be reasonable or free? This shift in mindset came with some unexpected, yet delightful side effects. When I let go of expectation, I noticed that disappointment, fear, depression and stress also left.

What if we chose to love and appreciate others for exactly who they are right now? What if we extended that same grace to ourselves?

You can only change you. 

This week I challenge you to release the expectations you’ve placed upon others and allow them to be who they are at their core. Explore all of the reasons why you appreciate them, then extend that same grace to yourself.

Welcome to freedom my friend.

Manifestation Affirmations

I love and appreciate myself, just as I am, right now.

I release expectation and replace it with appreciation.

I am free.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones Transition Coach

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