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Releasing Rigidity

There have been times where my life was so chaotic that to survive, I felt like I needed to shift to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. So out of necessity I became highly organized and regimented with my planning and routines. While that increased my productivity, integrity, and success, the intensity of it all caused a decline in the patience and grace that I had for myself.


I used to think that boundaries had a single definition, but after reading Set Boundaries, Find Peace: A Guide to Reclaiming Yourself by Nedra Glover Tawwab, I learned that they exist on a continuum from porous to rigid. Instead of finding a stable middle ground on how I honored my commitments to myself and others, I took a grand leap from one extreme to the other leaving little room for flexibility or fun.


During my Restoration for Leaders Retreat in Morocco last month, I finally released some of the barriers I’d built around my life and work and gave myself permission to flow freely. This release of rigidity restored my passion and inspiration for allowing my life to lead me in all the beautiful directions and to the powerful connections that needed that space to occur naturally and organically.


Where do you need to give yourself more patience and grace?


How are you making room for flexibility and fun?


Where will you release rigidity to restore your passion and inspiration?



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