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Remove Weeds at the Root

Have you ever wondered why the same challenges tend to repeat themselves in your life? Let’s look to nature to find the answer to this question. Imagine that you want to grow a healthy and beautiful lawn or garden. You plant the seeds for your desired food and flowers, and you cut and edge the lawn to manicured perfection. You are ready to enjoy what you’ve created and share it with the world, but soon, weeds begin to take over. No matter how many times you cut the grass, or try to pluck the weeds, they just keep coming back, and they multiply. Now the weeds are competing with your precious plants for the water and nutrients that they need to continue to grow and flourish. Does this sound similar to a situation you’ve been trying to navigate in your life?

Perhaps you keep attracting the same type of mate, you struggle with money no matter how much more you make, or when you work hard to get to your desired weight, over time, the number on the scale ends up right back where you started. The issue is not your effort, it is your method of removal.   In order to successfully remove a weed, we have to dig it out at the root. The best time to do this is after it has rained because the soil is moist and easier to work with. Think of the rain as your tears, or the storms that have come into your life. It is often during those dark and dreary days that our souls are softened and ready for us to dig deep to get down to the root cause of our troubles. Here are a few tools that can help you to remove the weeds in your life at the root: Do a root cause analysis. There are several strategies for this, but the basic premise is to continue to ask yourself ‘why’ until you uncover the deeper cause behind what appears on the surface. I like to use a method that is similar to the way a family tree is set up. Start with the problem in a rectangle at the top of a piece of paper, then from that, draw a line that diverges and connects to two new rectangles. In each of the these, write two reasons why that problem, behavior, or pattern exists. Keep going until you discover the root cause of your issue. 

Talk to a professional. Having a coach and a therapist has changed my life. In the past, I thought that I could never afford to pay a mental health professional. That was all a matter of mindset. For the amount that I used to spend on the things that I purchased to numb myself in an attempt cope with my problems, I now invest in seeing some of the best professionals in the field. Go ahead, do the math. Add up how much you spend in one month on the things you consume, what you purchase or pay for to improve your appearance, or simply those mindless trips to Target. Calculate the amount that you spend on all of the things you do to feel better or to avoid the problems in your life. What’s your total? If it came up to anything over $75, you can find a high-quality coach or therapist. (Please email me at if you need me to connect you to resources)

Write it out. This can be a journal entry or a list. I simply want you to write your answers to any one or more of the following questions or questions like these: What’s this really about? What’s beneath the surface of this issue? What is my real need behind this behavior? What unmet need am I trying to get met? What am I afraid of? Behavior is the language of needs. There is a need behind every behavior. What we do, or don’t do is connected to something much deeper than what we can see on the surface. What is the root cause of that challenge that just keeps growing and multiplying in your life? What happens when you pluck a weed at the stem? It grows back. If we don’t want the weeds in our lives to grow back or multiply, we must remove them at the root. Manifestation Affirmation I am removing things that interfere with my growth.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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