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Restorative Community

Over the last three years I’ve observed the extra emotional weight that my clients have been carrying as they've led families, communities, organizations, and businesses during what have been extremely uncertain times. This inspired me to design and host an international retreat experience in partnership with a global travel expert that would give them an opportunity to connect, reflect, and reset. This morning my group and I returned home to our various cities and states after spending a transformational week in Morocco. Throughout the week I watched closely and listened carefully as these leaders took respite from constantly having to be the responsible one, the problem-solver, and the one who must always figure everything out. I was delighted as I saw them simply savor this safe space to heal, rest, play, and practice vulnerability. It was a beautiful reminder that the people who we are guided and inspired by are humans too. They have feelings, insecurities, and they crave belonging and joy. I was honored and excited to collaborate with a beautiful soul that I met along my travels over the years who had created this same type of healing and fulfilling environment for me. Although this quest took place in another country, the practices are transferable and can be created wherever you are on your journey. Here are a few strategies to support you as you curate your restorative community. Restorative Agreements. During our first meal together, I facilitated a conversation that gave each participant an opportunity to share what they desired for their individual care and figurative feeding throughout the week. The purpose was to make sure that everyone had what they needed to thrive, and to educate others on how to best support them. This set the tone for an enjoyable and emotionally safe environment from the start and throughout our voyage together. How might you communicate your needs with those who you are traveling through life with personally and professionally so that they can understand how to best support you? Restorative Rituals. We learned and experienced many of the intentional rituals that the people in Morocco practice daily. My favorite was how they served us fresh, hot mint green tea everywhere we went. The fragrant loose-leaf tea was steeped in a beautiful silver teapot on an equally stunning platter in small glasses with intricate designs. Each person who served us poured the tea from an impressively high level into the small cups without spilling a drop. One of our guides taught us that it is done this way because the tea set represents the universe with the tea pot symbolizing the sky and the tray epitomizing the earth. They pour the tea from up high to represent the rain uniting the sky with the earth. I was so inspired by these intricacies that I decided I would continue this teatime practice at home as an act of daily self-love and connection with my friends and family. What restorative rituals could you practice daily to ground you, center you, and remind you of what is most important to you? Seasonal Storytelling. Our group was composed of leaders from across generations, geographic locations, cultures, and experience levels. In terms of age range, each of us was either entering or exiting our 20s, 30s, 40s, or 50s. It was heartwarming to observe as each one affirmed another about what they were going through at the stage they were in personally or professionally, and what it would be like at the next stage. This supported us in knowing that no matter what season we were in, we were not alone. Who are the seasonal storytellers that could support you by shedding the light of wisdom along your path? This week I challenge you to curate your restorative community by sharing your stories and creating agreements and rituals that support you in thriving wherever you are on your journey. Manifestation Affirmations I am clearly communicating my needs and listening to the needs of others to foster collective community care. I am practicing restorative rituals that allow me to connect with myself and my community. I am sharing my story and savoring the stories of others as an act of community care.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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