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Restorative Recalibration

At the end of each month, I facilitate an alignment check with the members of my group coaching community. We reflect on where we’ve been and measure where we are currently against one of the guiding principles that we’ve created for our lives. These guiding principles include our personal core values, personal mission statement, personal vision statement, and the goals that we set within our personal improvement plans. These structures are a constant reminder of what is most important to us. As we are faced with decisions and challenges, these can be used as a filter to help clarify the waves of life that flow our way.

As I engaged in the activity alongside them, I began to realize that the wheels of my life had become a bit wobbly. Just as with a car, this misalignment could easily cause me to veer out of my lane and into a rut or a wreckage. This was a clear indicator that it was time for some recalibration.

Here are a few strategies to support you as you join me in doing this important work.

Assess Your Alignment. Mentally visualize or actually draw a horizontal line with arrows on either end to represent a continuum of alignment. Write “In” on one end and “Out” on the other end. Now choose your measurement tool from the list below:

Your Personal Core Values

Your Personal Mission Statement

Your Personal Vision Statement

A Current Personal or Professional Goal

Now place your name and on a Post-it Note that you will actually move back and forth (i.e., Monica’s Core Values of Creativity, Learning, and Connection). You could also simply imagine yourself walking along this spectrum and moving to the place that represents where you are along the alignment continuum in relation to the following categories:

Opportunities You’ve Agreed To

People You Are Spending the Most Time With

How You Are Spending Your Time

How You Are Spending Your Energy

How You Are Spending Your Money

Your Thoughts

Your Actions, Tasks and Activities

Your Self-Preservation and Self-Love Practices

Take some time to reflect on what you discovered by asking yourself the following questions:

What has contributed to the areas where you are out of alignment?

What needs to happen to move you closer to being in alignment?

Restorative Recalibration. Pianos are meant to make beautiful music, but this is not the case when they are out of tune. We often strive toward work-life balance, but balance would mean that all things get equal energy, which is not reasonable or realistic. Instead of balance, our energy might be better spent working to achieve rhythm or harmony.

Where have you found your rhythm and where are you off beat?

Where is there harmony and where are you finding yourself feeling flat or off key?

Space and silence are often the best environment for us to truly listen and hear what our mind and body needs most to return to the sweet sounds of our soul's symphony.

Association Audit. Take a close and careful look at your current commitments. We are often signed up for relationships, subscriptions, or events that no longer bring us the benefits or joy that they once did.

Where are you feeling a lack of enthusiasm or excitement?

Which of your actions or associations lack true purpose or intention that is in alignment with who you are becoming?

This week I challenge you to take inventory of how your life reflects what you truly want and believe in. Use what you discover to return to the vehicle and the path that has been uniquely designed and paved for you.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am in alignment with my unique measures of success.

I am relaxing into the rhythm of my life.

I am subscribed to the symphony of my soul.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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