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Restorative Removal

After an almost two-decade relationship, Facebook broke up with me. This time last week I woke up to multiple emails about attempts to change my password that I did not initiate. The last one said, “Your password has been changed.” This all happened while I was asleep.


When I went to check my Facebook profile, it was gone. Even after multiple attempts to restore it, all access had been denied. Unfortunately, access had been granted to the debit cards I had on file, and multiple unauthorized charges were made to my personal and business bank accounts.


Surprisingly, I wasn’t as upset as I thought I’d be. Just the day before I’d shared with my mastermind group that I thought the energy of this social media platform was beginning to feel a bit dark and heavy, so I was contemplating stepping away. My decision was rapidly made for me.


As I thought about it, I realized that this incident is actually in alignment with my focus for the year on becoming more deeply and authentically connected to myself and others in real life. Initially I wanted to restore my account, but its removal has come with some unexpected benefits.


When we hear the word restore, we think of giving something back, but in some cases, restoration may require removal.


Think about your experience of a power outage. When we think about it in terms of something being given back to you, your energy is turned back on, or restored and your power is returned to you. The removal of these resources reminds us to appreciate what we had and move in creative ways to obtain warmth and light. With the removal of electricity also comes the absence or reduced use of screens and devices. This breaks down the barriers that often block authentic connection with our friends and loved ones.


Here are some questions for reflection as you increase connection through restorative removal.

What is it time to remove to restore your connection to self?


What has become a barrier between you and your connection with your loved ones?


What are the conditions that are causing your personal power outages? What must be removed to restore your energy, light, and power?

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