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Revisit the Recipe

This year I decided to reignite my relationship with my first love, reading. My earliest childhood memories include a deep love affair with all things related to books. Throughout my life I would read hard copies or listen to audiobooks for hours on end. I spent an equal amount of time in libraries and bookstores. As my business ventures picked up over the last several years, those beloved habits took a back seat. On the first day of this year, in lieu of traditional celebratory activities, I decided to spend the day devouring a book. When my eyes grew tired, I switched to listening to an audiobook. Returning to this enriching practice reminded me that sometimes that new thing we are searching for to make us feel better is already available to us. Set aside time for self-reflection with a focus on times when you’ve experienced the feeling you desire. This will point you to some valuable treasures hidden in your history. This reminds me of how leftover food often tastes better the next day. The herbs, spices, and other ingredients have had time to marinate and settle in. Returning to some of the simple things that I loved and left behind long ago feels even more satisfying than before. Perhaps instead of scrambling to find or make fresh new recipes, we can return to those we’ve already created to satiate our souls. Here are a few strategies to support you as you revisit your favorite recipes. Reheat. When it comes to business, relationships, and goals, there always seems to be a push for new or more. If you are feeling burned out or exhausted, why not reuse what you’ve already created. You’ve discovered and developed habits, systems, and new traditions that work. Last year I assembled a talented team of coaches to collaboratively lead my group coaching community. We all created fresh and transformative content. After each session I encouraged them to go and lead those same sessions with future audiences so they too could experience the magic. You’ve created some powerful things. Use them again and again to give your brain a break from always doing more and more. Portion Control. Leftovers don’t last forever. So instead of trying to stretch them into infinity, focus on one day or even one meal at a time. The same is true for our feelings and motivation. One of my favorite mental health experts said her new thing is, “I’m good today.” Focus on and celebrate what is real for you right now instead of weighing yourself down with the unrealistic expectations of any sustained state of being. Celebrate achieving even the smallest of wins. Spice Blend. Too much of any herb or spice alone can be overpowering and unpleasant. The right blend of a small amount of each can lead to an explosion of favorable favor. Once we identify something we want, and find something that works, we tend to go so hard that we exhaust ourselves. Quite often a pinch of this and a sprinkle of that will do plenty to enhance our wellbeing. This week I invite you to revisit the recipes that work for you. Society will always introduce new and shiny trends, but the secret ingredients, special sauces, and signature processes that make your mental health care menu unique are already embedded in your memory. Reflect on what works for you to prepare a perfectly balanced plate for your personality. Manifestation Affirmations I am celebrating even the smallest of wins. I am an expert on my lived experience. I am consulting my history for what works best for me.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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