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Rewrite Your Return Policy

When I was nine years old, I was attacked by a pit bull. If we’ve ever met in person you might have noticed the scars that are still very pronounced on my arm, hand, and chin. Those visible marks pale in comparison to the emotional wounds that I’ve carried since that day. For thirty-three years I’ve lived in fear of another fateful encounter with a dog. So naturally living with one as a pet was out of the question. That is until I decided to exchange that deeply rooted fear for love. As fate would have it, the love of my life adores dogs. For years we’ve discussed the possibility of having one, and the mere idea often brought me to very real tears. So, imagine his surprise and delight when my holiday gift to him was the deposit to secure our puppy who will be born in January. I have finally accepted that what happened in my past, while very real, does not have to be the story of my future. We can rewrite a different ending, a happier one. Past experiences, often rooted in trauma, cause us to make many finite decisions and assumptions. We find ourselves stuck in old stories. We tell ourselves these stories so often and for so long that we begin to believe them as truth. What we’ve failed to realize is that we’ve been a contributing author and editor of our lives all along. Quite similar to the gifts that we have given and received during this season; our beliefs have a return policy. We can rewrite that policy to reflect the life that we want to live now. Your life is not a clearance rack. It holds far more value; therefore, all sales are not final. You get to decide the terms of the returns and the exchanges. Here are a few strategies to consider as you begin to release the items, beliefs, and stories that no longer serve you. Exchanges Only. What emotions might you exchange? In this instance, I chose love over fear. Not only was this a grand gesture of my commitment that will strengthen my relationship with my honey, but it is also training and practice for the other scary decisions and leaps of faith that I will make in my professional life this coming year. In-Store Credit. You may not have wanted or needed what you received, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something else in store for you. Just as stores have many different departments, aisles, and shelves, so too are the vast variations of our options and opportunities. While one relationship, professional position, or project may not have worked out for you, there may be something else in that same space or environment that is a perfect fit. Explore the additional possibilities that may be right for you and right in front of you. Full Refund. In many instances, you can get all that you lost back. What might it take to regain the confidence, exuberance, or optimism that you once had, and thought might never return? After thirty-three years of living in fear, my courage and hope for a different and better outcome have been fully restored. This week I challenge you to rewrite your return policy. Exchange beliefs that no longer fit for ones that stretch and make space for abundance and love. Manifestation Affirmations I am the author and editor of my story. I am returning limiting beliefs and exchanging them for an abundance mindset. I am releasing fear and replacing it with love.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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