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Seasonal Shift

I never realize how deeply I am impacted by the gray and gloom of the winter months until the sun returns in springtime. I literally experience a noticeable shift. It’s as though a dark cloud that has been surrounding my head for months has been ushered away by warm and inviting winds infused with hope and possibility. For this reason, I’ve decided to more intentionally savor the sunshine and all of the other delights that spring brings for me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Here are a few strategies that will support you if you are on a similar journey.

Invite the Light. A brilliant ray of sunshine is warming the side of my face as I write this. While natural light pouring through windows is lovely, it’s nowhere near as enchanting as getting outside and letting direct sunlight envelop my body. In addition to inviting that literal light, I’m intentionally thinking of people who feel like sunshine that I can connect with, and things that I can release that feel heavy. When I do these things, I feel lighter.

How will you invite the light?

Completion by Release. I have been collecting wine corks with the intent of creating some sort of elaborate work of art. As the years have passed, they have simply become clutter and a nagging reminder of a promise that I did not keep to myself. Honestly, I’d much rather paint or write than create art from wine corks. So, I’ve decided to complete that project by letting it go.

I once heard Arianna Huffington say that she completes things, like her longtime goal of learning how to ski, by releasing them. We believe that we must do or finish a task or project to complete it, but what if we gave ourselves this same grace? Grant yourself permission to complete that mediocre book you’re forcing yourself to finish by letting it go. Delete that recurring calendar invite that reminds you of the thing you thought you wanted to do but haven’t engaged in for months.

What will you complete by releasing it?

Create Your Growth Plan. I am a proud plant mom. Just like children, or humans in general, every plant has its own unique needs for optimal growth and development. Some plants need more light, others need less frequent watering. You too are a complicated organism that has varying physical and mental needs depending on the season or environment you’re in. During the winter months, I know I need my Happy Light which simulates sunshine, and that I must double down on my vitamin D supplements. When spring and summer return, I must spend far more time outdoors. When times are stressful and I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, I must move my body, write in my journal, and talk to mental health professionals far more than usual.

What are the ideal conditions in which you thrive?

This week I challenge you to make the seasonal shifts necessary to reap all of the benefits that spring brings.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am inviting light into my life.

I am completing tasks and projects by releasing them.

I am engaging in experiences that enhance my growth.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones

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