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Seasons of Release

During a recent yoga class, the instructor had us think of ourselves as trees. We were to imagine ourselves firmly rooted in the earth and focused on our slowly falling leaves. This made me think of how the life cycle of a tree is similar to the people and opportunities that come in and out of our lives. When we release things or relationships, it is often accompanied by emotions such as guilt, anger, or sadness. It is assumed that the person or thing was bad or wrong in some way. But just like leaves, a season of release makes room for new growth. Picture the magnificence of autumn. The leaves transition to vibrant hues of red, yellow, and orange. When it is their time to leave the tree, they are carried by the wind like lovers embraced in a romantic waltz. Just as there is so much richness in this season of change, so too can we find beauty in letting go. Parallel to how the leaves bless us with the exquisite aesthetic of their colors and movement, the things that we let go serve a similar purpose. Although they may no longer be what is best for us in the moment, they leave us with beautiful memories and lessons that inform the next leg of our journey in life. Here are some simple strategies to transform your grief into greatness as you shed things to make room for new growth. Parting Gifts. When it comes to releasing relationships with love, we may feel bad about rejecting or abandoning people. One gift that we give them, especially if the relationship was toxic or unhealthy, is the space to consider their own growth. When we stay, we enable them by rewarding behaviors that are harmful. By stepping away, they are forced to consider what they did to lose a friend like you, which may inspire positive changes in their behaviors and habits. Abundance Mindset. Holding on to things that are broken, raggedy, don’t fit, or no longer bring purpose or joy into your life is a sign of a scarcity mindset. Living in that space sends the signal that there is no room for more. This is problematic when we actually do want more, better, or something greater. Make room for what you really want by releasing what is no longer necessary. Sell it. Donate it. Throw it away. Pass the Baton. We often hold on to opportunities or positions far beyond our time of optimal exit. Not only are we feeling frustrated and resentful because we are ready for something new, but we are also missing the opportunity to pass the torch to the next generation or person in line who would be utterly enchanted by what you are doing. Imagine how you might mentor someone who finds delight in the very thing that feels like pure drudgery to you. This week I challenge you to decide and take action on one thing that you will release to make space for your growth and the entrance of what you really want into your life. Manifestation Affirmations I am releasing that which no longer serves me with love. I am operating in an abundance mindset. I am embracing the space and learning the lessons that come with letting go.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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