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Set Your Season

I have declared that this will be my summer of healing. This theme is inspired by my road to recovery from the physical toll of COVID-19 and the mental toll associated with the multiple adverse experiences that occurred throughout the pandemic. I haven’t quite been the same since I got sick in February. I just got over a lingering cough that was so severe at times that I’m certain I pulled muscles in various parts of my body. As the weather warms, one thing that has contributed to my healing has been spending time outdoors. Nature and sunshine always have a way of making me feel better. Whether you identify an actual season of the year, or a season marked by a certain time, phase, or age, use it as an opportunity to invite what you need most in the moment. This might look like joy, focus, abundance, clarity, connection, peace, or pleasure. Here are some strategies to support your engagement once you’ve set your season. Thoughtful Themes. At the age of 38, I decided to commit 5 more years to my career focus on youth development. Once that plan was set, I named it, “Free by 43.” Giving it that theme inspired me to exit with intention by doubling down on my contribution to the field and supporting the growth of emerging leaders who would continue the work. Having that level of focus set me up for success in my current “retirement” phase where I still do great and meaningful work, just a whole lot less as I focus on my healing. Find Your Flavor. Think of the other definition of the word season. Once you set your theme, it’s time to add some spice and flavor. Maybe this will be a mild season because you’ve been doing so much and going so hard that it’s time to practice sitting still and getting rest. Perhaps your spice level will be medium if you feel you have been coasting and it’s time to ramp things up. If you’ve been in a perpetual state of planning and preparation your spice level may be hot as you transition to the implementation phase. Whatever you decide, give it the ingredients that will leave you feeling satisfied and satiated as you focus on what you need most in this phase of your life. Bliss Brainstorm. In thinking about what a summer of healing might look like for me, I created a long list of activities and experiences to choose from. By no means is it a to-do list because focusing on checking things off would take away from the experience of presence that I desire. It is simply a guide or a map with places and spaces that I can explore if and when I feel moved to do so. What activities or adventures might you add to your bliss list? This week I challenge you to identify the feeling you desire most and create a plan to focus on it for a season. You get to decide on the theme, timeframe, and activities so choose what truly lights you up and speaks to your soul. Manifestation Affirmations I am engaging in experiences that evoke bliss. I am entering and exiting phases of my life with purpose and intention. I am adding flavor to my flow to satiate my soul.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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