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Small Investments for High Returns

No matter how novice one might be when it comes to matters of money, most are familiar with the investing concept of buying low and selling high. For example, in my real estate investing days, I purchased a few properties for unfathomably low amounts and sold them for a range of 5 to 12 times my initial purchase prices. If we move away from the idea of money and think of this in terms of what we put out versus what we get back in life, the concepts are quite comparable. 

What small investment of your time, energy or attention can you make that will reap a high return? 

Here are some of my examples of how I’ve made small investments for high returns along what I call my Soul Journey...


Investment: One day per week

Saturdays are my non-negotiable “Me” day. I don’t schedule any speaking, coaching or facilitation engagements and I don’t do any other work at all. I spend the day resting, exercising or doing absolutely nothing and being perfectly ok with that.

Return: Improved mental health, enhanced relationships, and increased mental capacity and energy for the rest of the week.


Investment: Two extra hours of sleep

I set the alarm and bedtime features on my smart phone and Fitbit to get daily recurring reminders to start winding down for bed by 9pm and to rise by 5:30am.

Return: Greater clarity, focus, productivity, attitude and weight loss. 


Investment: Small monthly automatic withdrawals in increments of $5 to $100 in various savings accounts and investment apps.

Set it and forget it!

Return: Approximately $7,000.00 in diversified savings and investments in a short amount of time.

This week I challenge you to make one small investment that feels manageable and realistic. Think of an area (Mind, Body or Money) where you want to grow and ultimately reach mastery.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am a wealthy investor of my time and talent.

Access to my energy is a privilege.

My energy is currency which I invest wisely.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones

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