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Somatic Surrender

Recently I attended a Trauma Release Exercise (TRE) session at Bloom Transformation Center. We were taught a series of exercises that fatigued our muscles to help us give into the natural tremor response that our bodies use to release trapped stress and trauma. Just like animals, our bodies are designed to automatically heal us in this way, but because shaking isn’t socially acceptable, we resist this natural process. 


I returned to the center the following week to attend a sound therapy session facilitated by the same instructor, Dr. Rose Moten. She talked about the wisdom of the body and how it knows what it needs to get itself back in balance. Instead of trusting its innate intelligence, we try to think our way out of things, leaving the brilliance of the body untapped, and all of the things that need to move through and out of us trapped. 


At the end of each of my coaching sessions I ask my clients, “What was your big take away?” When I asked myself that same question about the sessions with Dr. Rose, it was what she said about how thinking can be a barrier to being present and to our healing.


Learning is one of my core values, so of course I hold thinking in high regard, but too much of anything, even the good things, can still cause us harm. So, my intention is to surrender to the wisdom of my body, letting it take the lead without my mind taking over all the time. 


Practicing somatic surrender can look like letting the tears flow when you have the urge to cry. It may mean allowing yourself to take a nap when your body tells you to instead of battling the urge to rest with caffeine. Perhaps it’s sitting with and investigating the root cause of pain instead of pushing through it or numbing it away temporarily.


Give in. 




Your body is trying to heal, not only for its own sake, but to free your heart and mind as well. When your heart and mind suffer with no pathway to liberation, that agony manifests as physical illness and disease in the body. 





In what ways must you begin to practice somatic surrender? 


What have you been resisting that your body had been trying to release? 


What are the messages that your body has been trying to deliver that you’ve left unchecked?

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