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Soul System Building

Think about something that you wanted so badly that you now have. Is having it as exciting as the anticipation and buildup that preceded acquiring it?

In most cases, just like children with toys, we lose interest over time. This common pattern makes me particularly intrigued by the things in my life that continue to hold my attention long-term. When I think about the relationships that have lasted or the material possessions that I actively and excitedly engage with, they all have a few things in common; challenge, growth, and change. They are all constantly evolving and simultaneously pushing me to do the same.

Besides my relationship with my honey, the two things that inspire this high level of commitment and delight in my life are my Fitbit watch, and my Peloton spinning bike. Each item in isolation is not what makes them magical, but the systems and structures that support them. As I describe these exhilarating experiences, I want you to begin to think about how these concepts might apply to your process of acquiring or sustaining relationships or items that bring you eternal joy.

Accountability. Each week, my mother and I battle it out in Fitbit challenges (where, by the way, she usually wins by a huge margin). When either of us notices that the other hasn’t been moving, we reach out to encourage one another, and to make sure the other is safe and feeling well emotionally.

Peloton’s live online class component compels me to show up. The charismatic instructors share motivational messages and call people out to celebrate their milestones. They push us to increase our cadence and resistance which is enhanced by our ability to see those numbers on the screen as we work to move up the leaderboard or beat our own personal best record.  

When you think about your personal and professional life, who or what will hold you accountable for what you hope to accomplish?

Acknowledgment and Achievement. Both devices track your progress and reward you with badges and milestones. Fellow members can cheer you on or give you virtual high fives, and you can join communities based on common interests. Even the smallest of wins are celebrated.

What rewards can you put in place for yourself to celebrate your milestones no matter how small?

How might you identify the mentors or success support group members who you can share your accomplishments with?

Adaptability. Initially, I thought that Peloton was just a bike, and couldn’t fathom the frenzy that followed its launch. Once I purchased it, I realized it was an entire system of which the bike was just one part. In addition to cycling, you can take classes such as yoga, cardio, stretching, meditation, walking, running, and strength training.

When I bought my mother a Fitbit, she was intimidated by the thought of having to meet the recommended 10,000 steps per day goal. Now, she often exceeds that, but it’s probably because she realized that she had options, which included the ability to adjust your goals to meet you wherever you are.

How might you adapt or adjust your plans and goals to make them more exciting, meaningful, and manageable for you?

This week I challenge you to shift your focus from the thing that you think will make you happy, to building the systems that support the sustainability and longevity of that thing that you hope to have. Think of each part as an important component of the structure that supports your soul.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am acknowledged and appreciated.

I am celebrated and supported.

I am building systems and structures that feed my soul.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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