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Strategic Scheduling

What was your daily schedule like when you were a child?

This week I’m reading Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin and she talks about how her 2nd grader’s schedule has all of the components that we need in a day. Think about it. Elementary school students have periods set aside for snacks, physical activity, choice time, art, and so much more. This made me wonder about how we might apply this to our lives as adults to make more time for the activities that nourish our minds, bodies, and souls.

Here are a few strategies to support you as you use the daily agenda of most 7-year-olds as inspiration to spark joy in your personal and professional life.

Recess Reset. Over the last three years I’ve been sitting down more than I ever have in my entire life. The shift to virtual and remote work sparked by the pandemic has relegated many of us to a more sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately sitting for long periods of time leads to health concerns, risks, and outcomes like those associated with obesity or smoking. For this reason, I invite you to schedule some intentional time to get up, get outside, and move your body just like children do at recess or in gym class. Reap the healing benefits of physical activity and the energizing elements of nature.

How will you incorporate a recess reset into your daily routine?

Honor Roll. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts lately about giving people their flowers while they are still here. When we were in school the honor roll and awards ceremonies served the purpose of celebrating students for their achievements. As a gratitude practice consider creating an honor roll of people in your life who you appreciate and make a plan to acknowledge them. This can be as simple as a thoughtful text message or handwritten card, or as elaborate as hosting an event in their honor. I like to honor my most engaged clients with appreciation events and adult field trips.

Who is on your adult honor roll and how will you celebrate them for the impact they have on your life?

Study Hall. Our current personal and professional assignments and homework may not look the same as we did when we were in school, but I’m sure that there are projects that we are all working on where we could use additional accountability or support. Perhaps you are preparing for a professional exam, license, or certification. Maybe your focus is a creative project like writing a book or making home improvements. Set up an adult study session with a group of people who are working on similar projects or goals to soak in the synergy and social connection. Invite an expert to your gatherings for the same type of support that we would get from tutors at study hall.

How would you set up your own adult study hall with the necessary accountability and support for the project, task, or goal that you are working on currently?

This week I challenge you to tap into your inner child to determine what your soul needs most right now. Whether it’s putting yourself in time out, playing hooky from an environment that’s not serving you, or engaging in extracurricular activities that delight you, strategize your schedule by returning to the simple ways we managed our energy and time in childhood.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am honoring my body and mind by meeting their needs for nature and movement.

I am celebrating and acknowledging the people who have a positive impact on my life.

I am leveraging and reciprocating the synergy, social connection, and expertise of my community to support me in achieving my goals.

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