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Strategic Soul Sessions

I am in the delightful yet stressful process of selling my home. It started with the swift synchronicity of listing it, getting offers the next morning, and finding a new home that I loved. It shifted to the prolonged process of complications with my title work that have extended what I thought would be a thirty-day process to several months. I had been looking forward to spending the summer tending to a garden and getting cozy by the fire pit in the yard of my new home, but these unforeseen circumstances put my plans on hold. 

Or did they?

Instead of stewing in a state of wait, I decided to create and engage in a few exercises that would make space for and ultimately invite my desired outcomes. I call these exercises my Strategic Soul Sessions.

Pack at least one suitcase. The buyer is still interested and waiting patiently to make the purchase, so I must remember that I will still sell my home and buy my new home, it will just take a little longer than I thought. This unexpected extension doesn’t mean I have to sit and sulk. Packing one suitcase represents being ready to welcome that which I desire.

Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. Not only did I pack three large suitcases, but I cleaned, organized and released tons of stuff that was taking up space or no longer serving a purpose in my life. Upon completion of this task, I felt so light and free. When I get the great news that all of my paperwork is cleared and prepared for closing, I will be that much closer to being ready to receive my dream home. 

Sweep the porch. I own my current home free and clear. That freedom has afforded me the space and peace to take advantage of so many amazing opportunities in the absence of the obligation of a mortgage or rent payment. My home has been great to me, so I had to shake myself out of the destination happiness syndrome that we all get wrapped up in at times. This is where we are always focused on the next thing to make us happy instead of appreciating what we have right now. Sweeping the porch was a sacred act of gratitude for me. It was a way of showing my home love, kindness and care. I also viewed it as a spiritual act, which is practiced in many cultures, of sweeping away any negative thoughts, energies or feelings toward or around my home. In essence, I was clearing the pathway to the next phase of my life.

What are you currently going through that could use a Strategic Soul Session or two?

This week I challenge you to create a practice or ritual that represents making space for what you want, or practicing gratitude for what you have. These powerful practices give energy and life to what you hope to create in your world. 

Manifestation Affirmations Happiness is here right now. I have everything I need. I am grateful for everything I have right now. 

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones

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