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Strategic Synchronicity

Early in my career when I was trying to find my way, the same organization kept popping up on my radar. It came up as I was searching for internships for grad school. In two separate conversations, people who I respected and trusted highly recommended that I enroll in a training of trainers that this organization offered. Then a call came from the founder of the afterschool program that I attended as a child. He heard that I had gone to school for education and social work, so he wanted me to come back to my neighborhood to serve as the director of that program. He said that my first day of work would entail attending a training.

Because of the string of synchronicities that I had experienced, it was no surprise when I arrived at the training and learned that it was being facilitated by that same organization. When I participated in their offerings my mind was blown. I’d never experienced something so dynamic and engaging. As the training came to a close at the end of the week, they announced that they had a scholarship available for anyone who was interested in enrolling in their trainer certification program. I signed up immediately.

For the following eight months I was immersed in an experience that was filled with all of the things that I love and that are aligned with who I am at my core. The content was infused with learning, connection, creativity, movement, music, art, and nature. It was the catalyst that shaped the entire trajectory of my career for the next twenty years.

These nudges were strategically placed before me to direct me along my aligned path. The skills I learned and practiced helped me to build a career and business that I look forward to waking up to every morning. I apply the approach that I learned to everything I do in my business from speaking engagements to trainings, meetings, coaching, and retreats.

These strategic synchronicities were like purposefully placed gemstones that led me on a path back home to my most authentic self.

Here are some strategies to support you in seeing the sacred synchronicities that are guiding you on your unique soul journey.

Pathway Presence. I am usually always the driver to my destinations, but when I was traveling a lot for business, I would often take a ride share service to get to where I needed to go. One day I experienced some motion sickness as I sat in the back seat, so I did a search to see what the cause was and how I could make it go away. I learned that motion sickness happens when we are moving, but we are not looking at the movement happening. This is often the case when we are looking down at our phones. To feel better I needed to look out of the window and take in the scenery that we were passing.

As we move through the responsibilities of work and life it is common to have our heads down, figuratively, or literally, as we push through. If this is our permanent practice, we may feel out of sorts and miss important messages that are meant for us along the way.

How might you commit to being more present along your path?

Connect to the Call. Last week I facilitated a workshop on storytelling for a group of nonprofit leaders. To introduce the concept, I talked about the hero’s journey. The most epic movies and stories follow this format, and it is also a reflection of how many of our lives play out. Along the journey the hero always gets a call to an important action that they must take. Their first instinct is to reject that call, but when they answer, that is when all the magic ensues that leads them to the ultimate reward. There are challenges along the way, but help appears, and the hero comes out stronger and triumphant in the end. You are the hero on your journey.

What call have you been rejecting that it is time to answer?

Manifestation Mapping. As a part of my coaching approach, I support my clients in creating what I call a Soul Journey Map. This is a bit of a pivot away from the traditional plan with goals and action steps because I encourage them to include things that feel exciting and restorative. I designed it this way to deliberately move away from the feeling of adding more work to schedules and to-do lists that are already stretched beyond capacity. Our personal or professional lives can easily drag us if we are not intentional about designing our desired experiences along the way. So, I encourage you to map the milestones, landmarks, and wonders you want to see and experience on your personal and professional path to make for a journey that delights you.

What adventures, boundaries, and delightful directions will you add to your manifestation map?

This week I challenge you to reflect on the messages that continue to come to you. There are no coincidences. Honor the strategic synchronicities that have been placed along your path to guide you to your aligned and purposeful paradise.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am fully present on my path so that I will see the strategically placed sacred synchronicities that are laid out before me.

I am answering the call that will connect me to my destiny.

I am designing a manifestation map that will guide me to my desired destinations.

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