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Subtraction Traction

While helping a loved one with an administrative task, I was about to do it the long and hard way when I had a moment of clarity. Instead of taking a ton of time doing several tedious steps, it occurred to me that there was a much more efficient and effective way to reach our desired outcome. Instead of adding and creating, I simply needed to duplicate and delete.  


When we are faced with a challenge or moved to make a change, we think we need to start doing or adding more things to reach our goal. While that may help in some instances, we can accelerate and magnify our impact through subtraction.

For example, as I have been navigating health challenges, I initially attacked the problem by adding more vitamins, supplements, teas, and movement. While I’m sure all of these methods have contributed to my healing, I suspect that some of the greatest gains are being made by the things that I have eliminated from my diet and daily habits.


What toxins, chemicals, or irritants might you remove from your life to make space for a healthier environment?


What stressors and tedious tasks will you subtract from your personal and professional life to enhance your mental health and wellbeing?


How can you simplify your success by focusing on subtraction instead of addition?

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