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System Update Available

When our phones, fitness equipment, and other electronic devices aren’t acting right, it is usually an indication that it’s time for a system update. These updates help to improve the security and performance of our devices and give us access to new and updated features.

Our bodies and minds have similarly sophisticated operating systems. When we aren’t feeling our best, our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and sensations are the notifications that alert us when it’s time for a system update.

Here are a few ways we can take what we’ve learned from how we tend to our electronic devices and apply it to the ways we can take care of our mental and physical health.

Optimize Storage. When I opened my laptop to write this message, an alert popped up saying, “Your disk is almost full. Save space by optimizing my storage.” It then gave me the option to ‘Close’ or ‘Manage” the alert. For months I had been clicking the ‘Close’ option which ultimately resulted in my computer freezing up. When this happened, I lost an important document that I created but had not saved. I liken this to what happens when we shut down emotions or ignore aches and pains. It may not happen immediately, but ultimately it causes more harm and problems in other ways that we do not want.

Store in Cloud. When I clicked on the ‘Manage’ option to begin the process of optimizing my laptop storage, a list of options appeared that could not have been more perfectly aligned with ways that we can think about how to take care of ourselves. The first was ‘Store in Cloud.’ This looks like taking our worries out of our minds and placing them elsewhere. Based on your preference this can be prayer, writing in your journal, or talking to a professional.

Empty Trash. The next item on the list of ways to optimize my storage was ‘Empty Trash.’ Consider releasing literal and figurative things that no longer have a functional use or purpose in your life. If you’ve released all that you can and still find yourself feeling overwhelmed, perhaps the next storage optimization item, ‘Reduce Clutter,'' is one that will work for you. Think about the things, relationships, or responsibilities that cannot be thrown in the trash. Perhaps they can be donated, repurposed, or delegated.

This week I challenge you to update your physical and mental health systems in the same way we do with our electronic devices to make space for enhancements, improved performance, and better-quality compatibility.

Manifestation Affirmations

I release any old, outdated, or expired resentments, attitudes, or beliefs that no longer serve me.

I am updating my physical and mental systems for optimal space, health, and enhanced wellbeing.

I am emptying trash and reducing clutter in my physical space, my mind, my tasks, and my relationships.

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