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The Infinity of Possibility

A little over five years ago, my hometown was one of the stops on Oprah Winfrey’s speaking tour. I had to overdraft my bank account to be able to pay for a $99 ticket in the nosebleed section. While exploring the website in preparation for my adventure, I came across a link for the press. At the time I had a show on a small internet radio station. I figured it was worth a try, so I applied, fully prepared for them to reject me. Hours later I got a call from Oprah’s people offering me two free tickets valued at over $700 each. Fast forward five years.

Oprah Winfrey announced that she was going on tour again. This time, she wasn’t coming to my city, but I’d done so much personal growth work on my mental health and finances, that treating myself to a first-class flight, hotel, and floor seat ticket right in front of the stage was totally within my overflow budget. I still hesitated. My mind had suddenly slipped back into an old poverty mindset. I thought, “Maybe I should just buy a ticket in the nosebleed section.” When I asked my partner for advice he said, “Sure, because you’ve worked so hard all of these years to transform your life, and you work so hard every day helping people all over the country. You are coaching people to do the personal work to live their best lives and make the most money they’ve ever made. So yeah, you should just buy one of those nosebleeds, just lucky to be in the building’ seats, because that’s all you deserve.” In an instant, his quick-witted and sarcastic wisdom snapped me back into my reality. He was the mirror that I needed, reflecting back to me what I sounded like when I failed to believe in and take a chance on me. Access to old mindsets denied. Permission to dream far beyond what I ever thought was possible for my life granted. It was no that coincidence when I saw Oprah speak this past weekend, that a powerful theme she kept coming back to throughout the day was this… “Live in the space of God’s dream for you.” – Oprah Winfrey When she moved from her grandmother’s wooden house down south, she was so happy to move into her father’s brick house. As a young adult, she met a friend who she felt must have had real money, because not only did she have a brick house and fancy cars, but she also had six trees in her yard. From then on, Oprah began to dream of having a house with six trees.

One day recently, she was reminded of that dream while looking out of her kitchen window. Perfectly pictured and framed by her windows were exactly six trees. But this was only one small portion of her property. She attempted to count all of the trees on her land, but she kept losing count, so she hired a tree counter.

Oprah had a dream that she would someday own a house with six trees in her yard.

God had a dream for the 3461 trees that the tree counter confirmed were on her property.

This week I challenge you to join me in taking Oprah’s advice and live in the space of God’s dream for your life. Our bodies and minds are very sophisticated machines, but we cannot fathom what is truly possible. As I work with men and women in my coaching practice and do my own personal work, I notice that many of us are either hesitant or afraid to say what we really want, or we focus all of our energy on what we don’t want.

Your job is simply to dream.

Think, speak and write intentions for precisely what you want for your life so that the universe can be clear on what will be exponentially multiplied when you receive it.

You simply need to know the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ because if you knew the ‘how’ before it happened, you probably wouldn’t believe it was possible. Remove the cap on your dreams and flow freely into the infinity of possibility. Manifestation Affirmations

I trust that the moment I commit, the entire universe will conspire to assist me.

I am worthy of receiving more than I could ever dream or ask for.

I remember who I am and I believe in who I am becoming.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones

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