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The Let Go List

What if trees never shed their leaves? We wouldn’t be able to experience the glorious green growth of Spring and all of the benefits that it brings. There are many things in our lives that were once beautiful green leaves, but their season has passed. The time has come for us to surrender to make room for new growth. What if, instead of making a to-do list, we crafted a let go list. This would include things that are no longer a fit, literally, or figuratively, and are taking up space, physically and mentally. Think of things that you committed to far too quickly without thoroughly thinking them through. These are all of the reflexive yeses that would have been no’s if you had taken a moment to check them for alignment with your personal core values, mission, and vision for your life. Here are a couple of strategies that will support you as you create your let go list. Reimagine Completion. I had a delightful trip to a local orchard with my nephew this weekend. When we got off of the hayride, they gave us free cider and doughnuts. We sat at a nearby fire pit to enjoy them and my nephew said, “This is not very good. Can I throw it in the fire?” The fact that he felt he had to ask permission made me realize that we often feel obligated to finish things we don’t enjoy, especially if they were given to us. Why torture yourself and waste your precious and finite time by finishing that book, meal, or project that is mediocre at best? Arianna Huffington did a great interview where she talked about completing things by letting them go. What are you forcing yourself to see through until the end that you can complete by letting it go? Let Loose. As a black woman I have been socialized from a young age to believe that everything but the natural state of my hair is beautiful. I’m grateful to have let that notion go, but there are still remnants of those false beliefs that are embedded in my psyche. This mental residue makes my relationship with swimming or sleeping without a scarf tied over my hair very complicated. A few weeks ago, while hanging out with my family, we decided to try one of the family workouts on the Peloton app. I didn’t want to sweat out my hair style, so I wrapped my hair around my head and secured it with a scarf. After the workout we transitioned into a family dance party. My little niece pointed at the scarf and yelled, “Take that thing off!” This reminded me of how much I love to let loose and be free and present. I yanked that scarf off and joined her in the pure joy of the moment. What idea, belief, or practice are you holding onto too tightly that you need to let loose? This week I challenge you to release the things that are holding you back from growth, freedom, and joy. Write your let go list and give yourself the space you need to thrive. Manifestation Affirmations I am completing things by letting them go. I am experiencing the fullness of things and people that bring me joy. I am trusting the power of surrender.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love.

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones

Your Soul Journey Guide

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