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The Manifestation Table

Years ago, while scrolling through news headlines on social media, I came across an inspiring story about two sisters who had opened a luxurious bed and breakfast in my hometown, Detroit. Upon closer inspection of the images, I recognized that one of the sisters was my college friend who I hadn’t seen in years. I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement for their amazing accomplishment, so I instantly set an intention to pay them a visit. As the years passed, I reached out to inquire about hosting a retreat there or using the space as a location for a photo shoot but none of that ever panned out. Finally, I saw that they were hosting a live jazz band on Thursday nights. I immediately took action by booking a stay as a way to spice up our weekly date night plans. When we arrived, we quickly realized that the pictures, articles, and even video footage that we’d seen previously failed to capture the true majesty and energy of this thoughtfully designed masterpiece. That stay, and the subsequent solo retreats that I booked there gave me time to rebuild my relationship with the owners. I wanted to see them continue this inspiring work so I asked them, in addition to booking stays and spreading the word, how I could further support them. They shared that they wanted to do something to give back to the community. As we sat around their massive dining room table made from what looked to be hand carved wood from a powerful tree, we created what is now known as Coaching at The Cochrane. Now, almost a year, and several events later, we’ve seen countless women of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds enter the building and experience healing, breakthroughs, connection, and joy. We sit at that same table after every event, and during each of my stays to reflect, share wins, and continue to dream. Since then, more of our wishful words have become our realities so I have affectionately named it The Manifestation Table. Whether it is literal or figurative, you can build or find a seat at your own manifestation table. Here are a few strategies to consider on your journey. Vibrant Vision. The James sisters purchased The Cochrane House at a time where the neighborhood and the building looked bleak. They were able to see beyond the current state of the seemingly forgotten structure to what it could be in the future. They took their time rebuilding it and infusing it with breathtaking art, stunning design, love, and new life. Now, they are in the heart of the thriving entertainment district that rises in value daily. What do you need to see beyond what it might currently be? Mission Intersection. In having those discussions at the manifestation table, we discovered where our missions in life intersected. We all had a shared goal of serving and pouring back into the community that raised us and shaped who we have become. How might you discover and engage, or collaborate with people whose mission aligns or intersects with your own? Priceless Purpose. One thing that was important to all of us was to make the coaching and knowledge sharing that we provided accessible to the community. For this reason, we keep the investment to participate at a reasonable rate. Although these events bring in the least profit for my business, they bring me the most joy out of all my current work. They fill me up and energize me in a way that refuels me and inspires me in the rest of my commitments. What activities or projects might you engage in that provide priceless value? This week I challenge you to find or build your Manifestation Table. Seek out the people and gather in the places that provide a safe and nourishing space for your dreams to grow and flourish. Manifestation Affirmations I am seeing beyond what is, to what could be. I am intentionally engaging in aligned relationships. I am honoring the value and worth of experiences that light me up.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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