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The Season of Growth

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

When we moved into our home, I was enamored by the number of trees on our property. We were in the last days of winter, so they were all bare except for the evergreens. As we shifted into spring, I was eager to discover what foliage or flowers each tree would produce.

Eventually, buds, then sumptuous greenery, began to appear. What seemed to be small berries growing on the trees outside of our bedroom window bloomed into breathtakingly beautiful pink and white flowers. I savored being surrounded by their splendor, but after a few weeks, warm breezes floated the petals to the ground like snowflakes that would never melt.

Against this lush landscape of living art, we were able to easily see which trees no longer held life. Dry and a dull grayish brown, just as they had been in the winter, they were clearly out of place.

As I pondered this process, it made me think about the people and practices in our lives and the seasons in which they come and go.

The Flowers. These represent the lovely people, places, and practices that are in our lives for a short time. They come and go almost as quickly as they arrived. They may return again, but they are not a permanent fixture. Flowers serve a very important purpose in nature. They produce seeds for the reproduction of the plant. The flowers are the teachers, colleagues, classmates, lessons, or anything else that you encounter along your journey that are catalysts for your growth.

Who, or what are your flowers?

Appreciate their purpose. Savor their beauty. Release attachments to them when it is their time to go. Remember, more flowers will return.

Dead Trees. Clutter is created in your life as a result of these thoughts, practices, and people. They take up space that could be cleared for new growth. During the winter, they appear to be the same as all of the other trees, but as the other trees begin to grow, it is revealed that they are lifeless. A strong storm or swift wind can uproot or break them, and as they fall, they damage anything in their path. Therefore, they must be removed.

Who, or what are your dead trees?

Allow your growth to reveal their presence and remove them to reduce harm.

Evergreens. The people and practices that can stand strong throughout all of the seasons are your evergreens. They are here for the long term. Some of them may drop prickly pines from time to time, but what remains stays the same. They provide you with shelter and protection during the cold winters or challenging times in your life.

Who, or what are your evergreens?

Seek safe shelter in their continual growth and strength.

This week I challenge you to identify the gradual growth or lack thereof that surrounds you. What must be appreciated and cultivated, and what must be removed to make space for progress?

Manifestation Affirmation

I am clearing clutter to make space for growth.

I am open to growth and change.

I am savoring the season and the purpose of the gifts that it brings.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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