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The Side Effects of Success

One of the most effective pathways to success is doing the important internal work. This includes practices like self-reflection, affirmations, planning, goal setting and gratitude that shift your mindset and improve your mental health. When we do these things with fidelity, we manifest the life we’ve always desired. What people rarely talk about are the increased responsibilities that accompany this new life that you’ve attracted and designed. When all of the things that you hoped for begin to flow into your world, it will require more of you. You must be ready to give more energy and do more work.

Whether you are on your way, or you’ve already arrived at the life you want, here are some tips to help you manage the side effects of the influx of prosperity and abundance that you will receive:


When you do the work, you will be inundated with opportunities, money, relationships and the like. This means that setting and enforcing clear boundaries are more important than ever at this time. Say “no” to work, relationships, and anything else that doesn’t spark joy and give you something back to replenish all that you are giving out. Keep in mind that opportunities can be distractions in disguise. Stay focused on what you truly want and shift anything else that doesn’t serve you to the other side of the boundaries you’ve set.


Within the word ‘preserve’ is the term ‘reserve.’ Therefore, self-preservation means there are some things that need to be reserved just for you. As much as we believe that we are fueled by spreading our love and care for others, there will be times where we will need to find other means to refill our tank.

The word preserve is also used to describe that delightful spread that we enjoy on toast. Preserves are made by adding sugar to fruit and letting it sit. What are some ways that you can be sweet to yourself while sitting still?

Self-Love Driven Consumption

There are so many popular diets and hacks these days when it comes to caring for our body and our mind. What if you practiced a self-love driven plan instead? If you slow down long enough to listen to your body, it will tell you exactly what it needs. Before you make any food choice, ask yourself the following series of questions:

Is this the most loving choice? Is this a way of me showing me how much I love myself? If not, what else am making this choice based upon? Am I tired, stressed, anxious, or sad? What does my body need instead of the food, drink or drug that I am reaching for based on my emotions? What would be the more loving choice?

This isn’t just about what we consume when it comes to food and drink, but also what we watch on tv, what we read, or what we view on our computers or social media.

This week I challenge you to select one thing that will support you in maintaining and sustaining the important soul work that you have been doing. What will you do to manage the increased requirements that come your way as a result of your increased success?

Manifestation Affirmations

I am making choices driven by self-love.

I am saying “Yes” to myself by saying “No” to other people and opportunities.

I love my body and trust its wisdom. . Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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