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The Sound of Your Soul

Your soul is speaking. Are you listening?

Imagine trying to have a meaningful conversation with someone while they are scrolling through their social media feed, binge watching television, or simply doing anything other than listening to you. How would that make you feel? This is what we subject our soul to on a daily basis. Our soul is trying to give us all the wisdom, guidance and advice we need, but our attention is extremely divided. How might you be drowning out the sounds of your soul?

I’ve been reading books about the benefits of meditation for years, but I have always struggled with sitting still. I had allowed this to convince me that I was simply not great at meditation.  That all changed when I went on a healing retreat in Bali. Our leader taught us several different forms of mediation. My favorite form was walking meditation. When we walk on a regular day, it is generally done so mindlessly, without thinking about the next step. What if we slowed our stride and focused on naming what was happening with our feet?

“Lifting, lifting, lifting…moving, moving, moving…placing, placing, placing.”

It felt so powerful to be so fully present with something that I normally do without thinking. That singular focus silenced all of the excess chatter that usually fills my mind.

Meditation simply means listening to your soul.

That walking meditation made me realize that I could experience that same singular focus and meditative state while cooking, swimming, washing dishes or cleaning my home. It has been during these activities that my soul has whispered some of the most profound answers and ideas that I had been searching for.

I’m beginning to learn that the idea of multitasking as the highest form of productivity is a myth. It’s those moments of being fully present and focusing on one thing at a time that creates the environment in which your soul can experience free and full expression.

Your soul is speaking. Are you listening?

This week I challenge you to give one thing at a time your undivided attention. If you are listening, just listen. If you are showering, just focus on the feel and temperature of the water instead of thinking about your long to do list for the day. If you are cooking, focus on the color, texture and aroma of the food that you are preparing.

Be here now.

Receive the sounds of your soul.

Manifestation Affirmations

I allow myself to experience this moment fully.

I release the need to know what I’m going to do next.

It is safe for me to give up control.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones

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