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The Unlocking

Certain experiences unlock our levels of emotional evolution. I remember many instances where I observed contentious interpersonal incidents unfolding in family dynamics, or professional relationships and finding it hard to understand or relate to the behaviors and choices of those who were involved. If I’m honest, I’ve even stood in judgement of their actions or inactions thinking about how I would have done it differently if it were me. But it wasn’t me, until it was. Life has had a way of placing me in parallel experiences to the ones I misunderstood from the outside looking in. I just didn’t get it, until I experienced it. And while these experiences were accompanied by discomfort, they also opened me up to new levels of humility and empathy. Just like advancing to a new level in a video game, these types of experiences create an increase in both excitement and challenge. At these higher levels in a game, you are often rewarded with more tools, resources, or skills that help you navigate the new terrain. In life, this type of elevation awards us more understanding, empathy, inspiration, and creativity to navigate our journey through life. So now, when I see something that I don’t understand, instead of reverting to a judgement reflex and saying or thinking things like, “How could they do that?" or "I would never…” I pause and say instead, “Let me pay attention to what’s happening here, for this may very well be something I’ll be faced with in the future, so what are the lessons I need to be learning?” Here are some strategies to support you as you experience your levels of unlocking. Change the Locks. When we’ve experienced a break-in, or when the ownership of a home changes hands, one of the first things we do is change the locks. We do this to deny access to intruders or people who lived there once before, but no longer own the property. Think of the intruders as unhelpful thoughts or habits that perhaps once served or protected you at lower levels of your existence, but now they cause harm or rob you of the things you value such as your joy, safety, and peace. Think of the previous owners or residents as the old beliefs that occupied your mental and emotional space, but as you evolve and experience more of life, you are making room for what is most relevant and meaningful now. What are the outdated thoughts, habits, or beliefs that it’s time to change the locks on to deny access to who you are today? Keep the Keys. Dj Khaled created a song and even wrote a book about what he calls “The Keys.” Think of keys as lessons that you’ve learned, often from mistakes you’ve made, that support your future success. With every door we’ve had to close on certain relationships and circumstances, and every lock we’ve had to change when it comes to old behaviors and beliefs, we are left with a lesson to learn and apply moving forward. What keys or lessons will you keep from the challenges you’ve experienced? Crack the Code. This summer I joined my brother and his family on a beach vacation. I rented an Airbnb down the street from the vacation rental where his family was staying. One night we were hanging out at my place and when we went on the porch for some fresh air, we learned the hard way that all the doors locked automatically. I’d locked the keys, my phone, my wallet, and everything else that might help me to gain access inside. I tried to check my email from his phone to get the security code for the door that the host sent, but because of the two-factor authentication I’d set up to enhance the security of my account, it sent a security code to my phone that I had to enter before I was allowed to sign in. Instead of panicking I paused and dug into what felt like the depths of my soul to mentally retrieve the four-digit code I’d only glanced at in the host’s welcome email. I hadn’t put any intentional effort into committing it to memory, but somehow, that directed energy pulled it from inside of me and we were able to gain access once again. This reminded me of how we often look outside of ourselves for all the formulas, recipes, and cheat codes to find the answers we need. When we pause and take time to turn inward, we find that everything we need to crack the code is already inside of us. What is something that you have been searching for externally that you might find when you look within? This week I challenge you to embrace the unlocking of the levels of your life by looking inside to learn the lessons. Deny access to the thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that are no longer in alignment with the life you are living now. Manifestation Affirmations I am denying access to thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that are out of alignment with my elevation and evolution. I am learning the lessons that my challenges have come to teach me. I am accessing my internal wisdom to support me in navigating the new levels of my life.

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