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The Whole Adult

How are you as a human?

I lead with this question at the beginning of every business meeting. I ask this because we are often so quick to get right into it that we forget that we are interacting with a living, breathing being with emotions and a whole other world outside of work, not just a robot or a machine. As I build out this new version of my business model, I’ve been prompted by my business coaches and operations director to come up with the pain point or problem that my business solves. I was having a hard time describing it clearly until there was a massive shift in the soul of the world this past Saturday. I noticed what felt like a deep exhale and subsequent levity as if many people had been holding their breath for four years. I then observed that in the midst of celebration, people began making preparations for deep healing. That’s when it hit me.

In the fields of education and youth development, where I’ve served for the majority of my career, there’s a concept called the whole-child approach. This is the idea that instead of focusing solely on academics, we must nurture all areas of a child’s development. In doing this for so many years, I realized that in our dedication to that, we have missed something just as important…the development of the whole adult. Think about it. If the adults that are serving the youth have unmet needs or unresolved challenges, how might that impact the children in their care? This goes beyond the education and youth development space. In every arena, there is so much focus on outcomes, production, and the bottom line, that little room is left for investing in or even acknowledging people as humans first. That is what my model provides, space to reveal, deal, and heal all of the things that few other spaces in our lives make room for.   Reveal. When was the last time you paused to reflect on where you are in this moment? What do you want to celebrate? Where do you want to grow? What’s on your plate? Of the things on your plate, what lights you up? What takes up most of your time? What do you wish you could spend more time doing? What could you do without? What’s missing from that plate? Are you even on the plate? Deal. Once you’ve revealed what has been working and what is not, decide what you will release with love and determine what you need more of. When you are clear on this, take action on the first step. You don’t have to do it all right away, just start. Heal. In many instances, that first action step is one in the direction of healing. This is where I encourage you to discharge the idea that you have to do it all alone and ask for help. I know that it sounds far easier than it actually is, so break it down into the tiniest pieces and take one small step at a time to build momentum. This might mean joining a Facebook support group for the thing you are dealing with and just lurking in the shadows for the first few weeks, simply receiving until you are ready to participate. Search for it, I’ll bet that it exists, if not, perhaps it’s meant for you to start it so someone else will know that they are not alone. This week I challenge you to nurture or seek help in nurturing all of you. Not just the work parts, not just the family or caregiving parts…all of the parts. You are a whole human being and you should be treated as such, even if that treatment simply starts with how you treat you.   Manifestation Affirmations I am surrounded by generous and loving individuals who are willing and ready to help me. All of my needs are met. I am revealing, dealing, and healing.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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