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The Whole Body Yes

When life begins to feel offbeat or out of tune, the noise makes it more challenging for us to hear our heart. In this state we are susceptible to agreeing to things that we don’t really want to do. The wisdom of our bodies can serve as the tuning fork or metronome that we need to help us recapture our rhythm and return to harmony.

Last week I listened to a podcast where Diana Chapman, co-founder of the Conscious Leadership Group and co-author of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, discussed a concept called the whole body yes. This is the idea that when we are faced with a decision, if we pay attention to how our bodies react, they can give us valuable information regarding what to agree to, and what to release.

Begin to pay attention to how your body responds when you are faced with an opportunity or request. Sometimes our minds and our mouths react in complete contrast to what our bodies say. Trust the body. Give yourself time to physically process what is being asked of you. If your body isn’t giving you an absolutely, positively, one hundred percent YES vibe, your answer to what is being requested of you may be "No," or, "Not right now."

Here are a few strategies to support you in restoring your rhythm, returning to harmony, and connecting with your whole body yes.

Check Out to Check In. The speed at which we can access information through technology has spoiled us. Remember, you are not a search engine. You are not required to spit out information after one click. You get to pause, think, and even sleep on it before you respond to a message or answer a request. Take time to check out so that you can check in with yourself before making any decisions that might adversely affect your wellbeing in the long run.

Graceful Ghosting. Is it just me, or are you also overwhelmingly inundated with emails, inbox messages, and ads across all communications and social media platforms from both humans and bots alike? I feel like I am being sold to constantly. If I responded to, clicked on, answered, or returned every request, that would take up the bulk of my days. In this case I’ve come to accept that no response is also a perfectly acceptable response.

Feel to Heal. Now that I’ve been paying more attention to my body, I am beginning to notice how holding back tears and emotions is not only a habit, but it has also become an unconscious reflex. When we numb ourselves to the feelings we’ve deemed socially unacceptable, we disconnect other important emotional reactions that help us to make healthy decisions.

This week I challenge you to check in with your body first to make sure that what you are agreeing to is what you really want to do.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am trusting the wisdom of my body.

I am feeling my feelings and embracing my emotions.

I am aiming my energy and attention in directions that are deserving.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love.

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones

Your Soul Journey Guide

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