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Understanding Your Assignment

When it is time for me to move in a new or different direction in my life or career, I begin to receive the same message from multiple people and places making my next steps crystal clear. For example, several totally unrelated sources kept pointing me to a specific organization and a training that they offered that I was advised would be a great fit for me. I answered that call, and it created the pathway to building my professional development consulting company.

After several years of doing that work, several women began coming up to me after seeing me facilitate workshops to ask if they could meet or talk with me about how I built the business and life that they were observing. That led me to expanding my business to include personal and executive coaching.

Now, multiple people have been reaching out to me around some of the same issues and challenges which will require support for healing. My new assignment was solidified after reading two books recently. In Sisterhood Heals: The Transformative Power of Healing in Community, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford shares multiple strategies and the supporting research around creating and maintaining sister circles. In The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, Michelle Obama talks about the importance of carefully selecting and cultivating your relationships and friend groups. She refers to her intentionally curated community as her Kitchen Table.

The synchronicity and serendipity of these occurrences have confirmed my next assignment. It is to facilitate intimate healing circles and community spaces both in-person and virtually to support women and leaders who have been reaching out to me around common topics.

Here are some strategies to support you in recognizing the signs and understanding your assignment.

Everybody Always. What’s that thing that everyone always comes to you about? Perhaps you’ve been brushing it off, but I invite you to pause and sit with why you might be the chosen one for that specific request. In this you may discover the answer to the question, wondering, or the answer you’ve been praying for related to your next steps and direction in your personal and professional life.

Inner Work. Sometimes we feel moved to take action around an issue or challenge that we’ve faced. We knew how hard it was, so we want to help others to prevent it, or offer them support if they’ve experienced the same hardship. Before we hop into the hero role, it’s important to take stock of where we are on our healing journey around that issue. Have we done the important inner work necessary to heal before we dive into trying to help? If not, we may cause further harm. Take time for some self-reflection and make space to do the necessary inner work.

Soul Syllabus. The school system has trained us to want to get good grades. In life this looks like trying to do everything “right” or perfectly. This may provide a barrier to us launching that thing we know we are meant to do because we get stuck in research, overthinking, or questioning our capabilities. Your purpose has been assigned to you specifically because everything you need is already inside of you. Of course, additional research and practice will enhance your product or service, but trust that your assignment has been given to you for a unique and specific reason.

This week I challenge you to pay attention to the signs that continue to come your way. They may be clues to support you in understanding your assignment.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am paying attention to the multitude of messages that are guiding me towards meaning and purpose in my life.

I am doing the inner work necessary to prepare me to properly serve those who I am assigned to support.

I am trusting the wisdom that is already inside of me.

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