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Urgent Self-Care

Over the weekend I didn’t feel well. While it sucked to be sick, I couldn’t help but notice how delightful it felt to be exempt from being “on.” I was grateful for an excuse to not be responsible or productive. I savored having a reason to experience being taken care of instead of being the one who always takes care of others.

It doesn’t have to take getting ill to decide that you deserve a break. It turns out that all the things that seem so urgent can wait.

Here are a few strategies to support you as you prioritize your self-care.

Adjust Your Prescription. As we heal from physical ailments, the strength and dosage of our medication is decreased. Situations in your past may have required you to be the strong one. As you heal mentally and emotionally, you get to decrease and then release those habits and behaviors that were once necessary to survive.

Accept Help. I know firsthand how rewarding it feels to give to and take care of others. Those of us who do this in excess often find it hard to accept that same graciousness in return. It’s ok to ask for help. Not only do you need and deserve it, the person or community that is helping you gets to benefit from that same rewarding feeling that you experience when you are the one doing the giving and caring.

It Can Wait. When I realized I was sick, I was quick to cancel, postpone, and reschedule commitments to prioritize the health and safety of others. This is in complete contrast to how I often am super hard on myself about keeping commitments, deadlines, and getting things done quickly even when there is no need to rush. We live in a world where instant access to information, communication, products, and services have become the norm. This may have made us forget that unless you or someone else is in immediate danger, most everything can wait.

This week I challenge you to shift the sense of urgency that you place on external personal and professional responsibilities and turn it inward to your own self-love and self-care.

Manifestation Affirmations:

I am open to receiving help and care.

I am adjusting my actions to align with the life I am living right now.

I am patient with myself, and I prioritize my wellbeing.

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