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Where You Look...You Will Go

Riding my bicycle has been my latest form of exercise and social connection with my friends. On a recent ride, one of my friends made the profound observation that wherever she looked, her bike would go in that direction. In essence, when she didn’t keep her eyes on the path before her, she found herself in danger of veering off of the road and into bushes, fences, or other riders and walkers. This is a powerful analogy for the type of focus that it takes to reach your goals in business and life.

Many of the objects that divided her attention along the trail were things of beauty such as whimsical waterways tucked between tall trees and plush plants. This is similar to how it will be along your journey. Your biggest interferences may actually be beautiful opportunities. Unfortunately, opportunities are often distractions in disguise. Thus, it is important to be clear on your ‘Why’ and be ready to say “No” to anything that isn’t in alignment with your mission, vision, and the intentions you’ve set for your personal and professional growth.

Yesterday I became aware of another type of obstacle that we don’t often think of because it is not in our clear view. I was preparing for a Bike and Brunch with a group of friends and my boyfriend insisted that before we headed out, he needed to get mirrors installed on his bike. I thought he was being extra, but once we hit the busy roads, I realized that his being able to see what was behind us, without looking back, kept us out of great danger. Just like my friend on the previous ride, every time I tried to look back, I either ran the risk of veering into traffic, into a curb, or into another rider. He was able to easily look in the mirrors before him and tell us what we needed to be aware of.

Things from our past, especially if we keep looking back, can be a major barrier to what is before us. As I’ve been building my business and life, I’ve realized this in so many ways. It may show up as going back to friendships or relationships that no longer serve us. It may appear as returning to old habits, thought patterns or limiting beliefs. It might resurface as old debts and unfinished or unsettled financial business affecting your ability to move forward on important goals such as purchasing a new home. 

How do we begin to install mirrors in our life that will put our past in front of us, so we don’t have to look back?

Get a therapist. Regular engagement with a mental health professional will help you to process things from your past that might be holding you back. Mind Your Money Business. Get clear on any unresolved financial issues from the past by getting in communication with the representatives of those companies, and getting into arrangement for what’s possible to clear your credit, then get in integrity for what you owe. There may even be an opportunity here for a substantial reduction in your final balance. Write (or Art) It Out. Incorporate other mirrors into your daily routine such as creating art or journal writing as a way to process and express past experiences.

This week I challenge you to keep your focus on your desired path. Get clear on what you really want so you won’t feel compelled to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Identify a metaphorical mirror that will allow you to place your past in front of you, so you won’t have to look back.

Manifestation Affirmations

I am engaged with opportunities that are in alignment with my "Why."

I am focused on my present path.

I am whole and undivided.

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love

Most Sincerely,

Monica Marie Jones

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