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You Have Arrived

While walking to my gate at the airport yesterday, I found myself feeling a bit melancholy. I was off again on a business trip after just having come home from another one only days before. It felt as if the weekend was a race against the clock where I had to do all of the things and see all of the people that brought me joy. Since the world and everyone else’s schedule doesn’t revolve around my limited availability, I simply couldn’t fit everything in before it was time to fly out again. My entire perspective shifted when I looked to my left and saw a young man walking next to me who was video recording the colorful musical light show that was happening all around us. The airport in my hometown has a huge underground tunnel that connects terminals. As you walk through it, there is a spectacular light show that changes colors to the beat of Motown music. Like him, I remember being mesmerized and compelled to record the experience the first time I’d experienced it.

When I lifted my chin and looked at life through his point of view, I realized the beauty that I was missing out on by hanging my head in sorrow. In that moment, it occurred to me that because I travel so often, I had begun to take for granted my reality, which could quite possibly be someone else’s dream life. There was a time when I wished I had this life, and now it was here.

Feelings deserve to be felt, so I sat in my sadness for a little while longer. I processed it all by writing about my emotions in my journal while I waited to board my flight.  Before I went to bed, I started my prayers with a list of every single person and thing in my life that I was grateful for. When we arrive at destinations we’ve hoped for, we have a tendency to focus on the next goal or milestone instead of savoring the thing that we thought would bring us joy. This week I challenge you to take stock of all of the things in your life that were once a goal but are now your reality. Perhaps it’s the home you own, or the neighborhood you live in. Maybe it’s your relationship, business, or education. Whatever it is, take time to acknowledge that in many ways, you are living your dream life right now. Give gratitude for what you have, because there was a time when you didn’t, and there is someone out there who is praying and working hard to achieve what is already yours. Once you’ve identified that thing or list of things that you are grateful for but have been taking for granted, here are a few concrete things that you can do to practice gratitude. Choose one, or something similar and let me know how it goes. Compassionate Letter to Self: I recently received a post card in the mail that I’d written to myself at an event hosted by The Sister’s Couch which has a focus on mental health for women. In that note that I wrote almost a year ago, I reminded myself to be proud of how far I’d come and all that I’d accomplished. You can do the same and have someone mail it to you six months to a year later. You can also use a site like where you can schedule it to be emailed to you on a date of your choosing. Handwritten Thank You Card: Think about someone who was instrumental in supporting you to reach the achievement that you identified. Send them a handwritten thank you card. This will stand out above all of the noise of technology because we rarely ever receive anything so personal anymore. Enjoy Your New Toy: Brush the dust off of that bike, computer, treadmill, or whatever you acquired that you were certain would change your life and bring you infinite joy. It’s time to use it or donate it to someone who will. You might find more reward in the giving if you haven’t been using it and never plan to. Welcome to a new appreciation for your current life. You have arrived!

Manifestation Affirmations I am grateful for what I have right now I am living my dream life I have arrived!

Master Your Mind + Master Your Body + Master Your Money = Manifest a Life You Love Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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