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Your Personal Terms of Service

When we make a purchase or sign up for a service, we often agree to the terms and conditions that the company has set forth. These are the rules that one must follow to be able to use a service. Lately I’ve been asking my clients to think about what might be included if they created a personal terms of service to support them as they navigate changes and transitions in their life. I also invite them to engage in this practice as a powerful way to set and honor clear boundaries. Not only is this a way to protect our wellbeing, it also sets a standard for how we want to show up for others. When we begin their coaching journey, my clients sign an agreement like this that covers my approach, rates, confidentiality, and disclaimers on what coaching is and what it is not. I’ve applied some of those components to create a few strategies to support you in crafting your personal terms of service for your life. Commitment. I recommend that my clients commit to a minimum of three months of coaching to get the greatest impact and outcomes. Think about the time frames or time limits that support you in showing up as your best self. Decide what your business or service hours are when you are open to supporting colleagues, family, and friends. Reserve days or hours that are just for you to rest, recharge, and replenish. Honor these commitments or boundaries around your time for the best impact on your mental and physical health. Now, when you are ready to show up for others, you can show up in a way that is in alignment with who you want to be in the world. Clarity. I saw a post on Instagram that had the prompts, “What I need…, What I am not…” They were followed by words and statements like, “Just because I need rest, it does not mean I am lazy.” As we navigate new ways of being, it is important to be clear about what we need and how we can communicate that to others in a way in which it will be received. For instance, your personal terms of service may include, “Just because I am working from home, it does not mean I’m available for non-work-related conversations or tasks during what I’ve designated as my business hours.” Friends and family members may see our presence in the home, or simply the knowledge that we are not in a traditional office setting as an opportunity to engage. This can be a distraction from what we need to accomplish which may lead to frustration or resentment. Consider how you might clearly communicate your availability. Cost. Terms and conditions often state what the rate or cost will be for the service rendered. We can look at this in a few different ways when it comes to our personal terms of service. If we look at this literally, it may be a conversation with ourselves about our worth when it comes to business and work. This includes being clear about the value of your work and being ready to negotiate when offers do not meet that minimum threshold. If we think of this more figuratively, it means that everything, even the things we really want, may come at a cost. Take some time to reflect on what you will have to release in exchange for the success, career, family, or whatever it is that you desire. This week I challenge you to write your personal terms of service. What must people commit to in order to be in community with you? Manifestation Affirmations I am prioritizing and honoring my time commitments to myself. I clearly communicate my needs. I am valuable and worthy.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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