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Follow the Flow

Last week I met up with some of my favorite friends in Georgia. Instead of planning a tightly structured itinerary, we allowed the flow to lead us wherever it wanted us to go. This took us to magical places that we might not otherwise have encountered if we were obligated to stick to a strict schedule. I’ve also found this method to be effective in many instances that led to promising outcomes in my career. Here are some strategies to support you as you follow the flow in your personal and professional life. Wander and Watch. While driving or walking without a set destination we watched our surroundings to see what spoke to our souls. In doing this we discovered hidden gems and stumbled upon places we had always wanted to explore. This is how I came to be an entrepreneur and a coach. Early in my career I was flexible in wandering about professionally until I found a field that fit. Along the way I collected valuable experiences and relationships that inform and enhance the work that I do today. In what ways might you wander and watch to discover the next natural step in your personal and professional life? Listen for Links. As we had conversations with people we met along our journey, we listened for connections and common themes. If more than one person recommended a restaurant, we took that as a sign to give it a try. Whenever I hear about a person I need to meet, a book I need to read, or a professional development opportunity that I need to engage in from more than one trusted advisor, I know that it is a sign for me to take action. When I’ve listened to those links, it has always led me to exactly where I needed to be personally and professionally. What have you been advised to do or try more than once that it’s time to explore? Save Space. If we had packed our schedules with pre-determined activities before we’d arrived, there would not have been room for all of the delightful treasures that we discovered along the way. In business or at work, it is easy to fall into the trap of filling our calendars with meetings and other obligations. This often leaves us little to no space for creativity, spontaneity, or time to do the actual work that we want or need to get done. How might you save space in your schedule for discovery, joy, and more meaningful activities? This week I challenge you to follow the flow. It often leads us precisely to where we need to go. Manifestation Affirmations I am open to wander and watch for moments of awe and wonder. I am listening for the links that connect me to my destiny. I am saving space in my schedule for discovery, creativity, and meaningful activities.

Master Your Mindset to Manifest a Life You Love. Most Sincerely, Monica Marie Jones Your Soul Journey Guide

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